The Holidays in the Caribbean

Christmas and end-of-year festivities take on a whole new dimension when celebrated under the azure skies of the Caribbean. This year, consider a radical change: swap snow for white sand and discover the magic of paradise islands like Saint BarthVirgin GordaViequesNevis and Canouan.


Idyllic temperatures and a festive atmosphere

Escape the winter chill for mild temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Christmas in the Caribbean offers a unique festive atmosphere, blending local traditions with exotic celebrations. Colorful craft markets, lively parades and open-air concerts add a special touch to the season.


Unique Destinations, Diverse Experiences

Each island has its own distinct charm. Saint-Barth seduces with its understated luxury and intimate beaches, while Virgin Gorda dazzles with its giant rocks and crystal-clear waters. Vieques, with its secluded beaches and nature reserves, offers a peaceful getaway. Nevis, rich in history and verdant landscapes, invites exploration. Canouan, with its luxury resorts and exceptional diving sites, is a real charmer.


Enriching activities for all

These destinations offer a range of activities: scuba diving, nature hikes, relaxing on pristine beaches and sampling exquisite local dishes. The Caribbean has everything to satisfy water sports enthusiasts and relaxation seekers alike.

In short, a Christmas in the Caribbean means immersing yourself in a warm atmosphere, discovering unique destinations and creating lasting memories with your family, far from the usual traditions.



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