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VIP Service for your transfer between flights, is it worth it?

So, you’ve booked your trip to the Caribbean:

-Hotel or Villa rental                 BOOKED

-Car rental                                BOOKED

-Travel insurance                     BOOKED

-Flights                                     BOOKED

-Airport Transfer                       TO DO

… One of the challenges you’re now facing is how to transfer from your international flight to the island-hop flight quickly, efficiently and without the hassle typically found at the busy airports. Sounds familiar?

Large hubs such as San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU), St. Maarten (SXM) or Antigua (ANU) are the usual “getaway” airports to reach the Eastern Caribbean and Virgin Islands, from the US, Canada or Europe.

These airports can be extremely busy at peak times such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, President’s day, Spring break and other extended week ends, when thousands of travelers are heading South to the Caribbean together for some well-deserved blue sky holidays.

Challenges are ahead, and it is sometimes not easy to overcome the “airport transfer experience” when your flight is late due to a snow storm, a missed connection or other travel disruptions.

Think of it: Have you ever experienced any of the following situations?

  • A tight connection between flights
  • Long lines at Customs & Immigration
  • Traveling with lots of luggage
  • Long walks in unfamiliar airport terminals
  • Traveling with young children
  • Not finding the check-in desk of your charter company

If the answer is yes, then booking a Personalized VIP Service is probably the solution to a stress-free airport transfer!

So, what is it? And how can it help me and my family transferring between flights?

Whether you arrive in St. Maarten, San Juan, Antigua or other Caribbean airports by commercial airline or private jet, a team of dedicated VIP TRANSFER agents are there to welcome you and assist you in a personal way.

They usually offer the following services:

  • Personalized Meet & Greet (curb side, arrival gate, private aircraft or transit desk)
  • Seamless transfer services between flights
  • Escort through airport terminal with dedicated VIP Service agent
  • Expeditious Immigration & Customs formalities (special Immigration lines at selected airports)
  • Baggage reclaim & transfer to your next flight
  • Fast-track security checkpoints
  • Airline or charter operator pre-check-in
  • Assistance with priority boarding where applicable
  • Immigration & Customs pre-clearance (private flights only)
  • Lounge access at selected airports (additional fee applies)
  • No queues, crowds or hassles
  • Baggage lost and track with inbound airline

In practice, this is how it works:

Typically, a dedicated agent will be waiting for you at the gate of your arrival flight (San Juan or Antigua) or at the Transfer Desk (St Maarten). Before your arrival, the agent had some work to do to ensure the transfer is delivered as promised:

-Track your inbound flight and identify any delay or early arrival. This guarantees that the meet & greet service will take place at the ACTUAL time of your arrival and not at the SCHEDULED time of arrival (we all know how theoretical this can be). In case of delay, the agent will coordinate with your island flight operator for an updated departure time (earlier or later, as needed).

This is why the service is called “Personalized VIP transfer” in the first place, right?

-Pre-check in: With your passport and flight details in hand, the agent will usually pre-check you in on your next flight and get your boarding passes ready. This will save valuable time avoiding long waits at check-in and ensure tight connections can be handled smoothly.

Once you meet the agent, you receive special attention: after a warm welcome (you’re a “Very Important Passenger” remember?), the agent escorts you through fast-track Customs lines and security check-points, gets your luggage from the baggage claim and transfer them directly onto your charter airplane or local airline, and delivers your boarding passes…

How much that little “treat” will cost you? And that’s the good news, it is totally affordable with prices starting as low as $95 dollars per person one way! (*example based on two passengers traveling together through St Maarten-SXM airport).

For a full description of the VIP Transfer Services offered by Caribbean Flights, please visit our website.

Author: Managing Director of Caribbean Flights

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