Safety first

Caribbean Flights is committed to the highest levels of Industry Safety Standards and has a comprehensive Safety Policy, with you the customer in mind. Our Operations team is made up of highly trained and experienced aviation professionals.

safety first
Flight Safety Standards are a combination of:

All our Operators are:

This process audits the following areas:

Before every flight, we also check:

  • Operational control of the aircraft. This assures that your flight has not been brokered to another air charter operator without your knowledge
  • The aircraft operator’s safety records and current Air Operator Certification (A.O.C.)
  • That the aircraft operator meets Caribbean Flights insurance requirements
  • The pilots’ certification and type ratings
  • The pilots’ experience in that aircraft
  • The pilots’ record of accidents, incidents, and enforcement actions
  • That the pilots’ medical and training requirements are up to date


Caribbean Civil Aviation Authorities:

Caribbean Flights supports each of the following organizations:

Over and above the obligatory AOC (Air Operator Certificate) requirements, Caribbean Flights further conducts its own due diligence process before inviting operators to be part of the network. Criteria are based on both safety and compliance with a consistent VIP customer service standard in mind.