VIP Airport Transfers

book a vip service in the Caribbean

Have you ever experienced one of the following situations?

  • A tight connection between flights
  • Long lines at Customs & Immigration
  • Traveling with lots of luggage
  • Long walks in unfamiliar airport terminals
  • Traveling with young children
  • Not finding the check-in desk of your charter company

If the answer is yes, then booking a Personalized VIP Service is the solution to a stress-free airport transfer!

Whether you arrive in St. Maarten, San Juan, Antigua or other Caribbean airports by private jet or a commercial airline, we are here to welcome you and assist you in a personal way.

Services offered at selected hubs: As required:

Our VIP Concierge Services vary at each airport. A detailed description is available upon request.

Rates St. Maarten (SXM) San Juan (SJU) Antigua (ANU)
1-2 persons $190 $375 $130 - $260
3-5 persons $295 $575 $390 - $650
6-9 persons $395 $685 $780 - $1,170

Please note that many of our charter flights include VIP Airport Transfers already. Please inquire.

Booking instructions:

Complete the VIP Airport Transfer request form with all flight numbers, departure & arrival times.