Flying with Pets on a Private Charter Flight...made easy!

Traveling with pets on a commercial airliner can be a challenge.

This is even more true for flights to or within the Caribbean where most airlines would restrict transport of pets due the hot weather in the region.

Also, reaching your final island destination often means multiple flights and airport transfers, adding up to the stressful experience for pets and their owners.

By chartering a private airplane with Caribbean Flights, you will enjoy a direct and worry-free flight with your pet by your side in the cabin*.

Your pet is welcome aboard as we take pleasure in treating them as valued member of the family.

Here are some considerations when traveling with your pet to the Caribbean:

Before the trip:

  • Contact the Veterinarian authorities at your destination island to obtain pet entry/import requirements (some countries have strict quarantine rules).
  • Schedule a vet appointment at home to ensure your pet is up-to-date on all vaccinations and is fit to travel. We recommend going for a checkup no more than 7 days prior to your trip.

On the travel day:

  • Don’t feed your pet too much before departure. This will avoid stomach trouble from anxiety or travel sickness. Too much water can also lead to accidents inside the aircraft (not pleasant and can generate additional cleaning costs of the cabin).
  • Take a walk outside the airport terminal before boarding. This will relax your pet and give them a chance to release physiological needs before the flight.
  • Prepare the necessary travel kit (kennel and/or leash*, blanket, food).
  • Ensure you carry all necessary travel authorizations.

*Most of our operators allow pets in cabin (even large dogs) with prior permission.

Please contact our team for more details and to obtain a quote for your trip with your pet.

We love pets at Caribbean Flights!

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